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Just found your website re Harper Bros (Heath Hayes)Ltd. Brought back many memories. I worked in the office with Mary, Albert, and Brian Harper. Ernie Eccleshall the Transport Manager and many others. I was employed from 1962 to 1974, then transferred to Midland Red when Harpers sold the company. I have been helping Bryan Yates in the writing of his book for quite a few years. Naming faces and giving information. Pamela Harris (formerly Dodd)

Hello Mr Edgar,
My name is Terry Elsmore and my father George and Uncle Bill both drove for Harpers bus co, they had many a tale to tell and were obviously both very proud to have been a part it. I really enjoyed looking through the photo’s they are really great to look at and I recently purchased the Harpers memories in colour book. I think I can make out the driver in one of them to be my dad George. My Aunty Edna Harvey also worked on the buses as a clippy, and later on in the four wynds cafe, I have downloaded the pictures to my computer so that I can show her as she is housebound now at 93 yrs of age. The photo’s on heath Hayes History Gallery 1 are very good of my dad and his brother Bill and the one of Bill standing next to a saloon car, I believe was my Grandad Elsmore’s car , he owned the Fish and Chip shop in hednesford, when he passed away my dad and Bill took it over for a short time before selling it. My father also owned a chip shop in Heath Hayes just over the r oad from Harpers Bus depot for a short time, not many people remember that.
Thanks again for sharing the information.
Kindest Regards,
Terry Elsmore.



Hi What a great site you have there I was pleased to see your pictures of Harper Brothers Bus and coach company what great memories they bring back reading the stories and seeing the pictures what a tonic although i don’t remember names. i can remember going on Pit runs with my dad driver Derek Holden.This would probably be around 1969 to 73. I always looked forward to a welcome mug of tea in the colliery canteen lea hall i think it was and receiving sweets from the miners.
And some of the great day trips me and my brother used to sometimes be able to go on. I only have one very poor quality Photo of my dad at the wheel of coach 56 DRE 523E which was a Bedford coach If I can find it out i will post it on here if that’s Ok maybe Someone will remember my dads time with Harpers. Its only now in my later years and seeing and reading about harpers makes me wish i had taken the time to ask dad more questions about is time with this great company.
I can recall him saying it was not the best paid job but he certainly enjoyed his time there.
Many thanks and keep up the great work.


I have just found this site, what a treasure for a Heath Hayes girl. I too remember going from one venue to another for our junior years. In our third year we were in a little chapel on the Wimblebury Rd.The boys would climb over the fence to go scrumping in the next door garden. The owner finally had enough and turned the hosepipe on them. I enjoyed Sheila’s contribution. We were friends. I can remember most of the people in my class but lost contact with them.
Please keep up the good work.
Elisabeth Swingwood formerly Wright


Hello. I was born in Hednesford in 1952 and my family moved to Heath Hayes when I was 18 months old. We lived at 383 Norton Rd and I believe that our old house is the only one still standing in that street. We emigrated to Australia in 1962 and moved to New Zealand in 1964. I finally went “home” in 2002 for a visit with my husband and was lucky enough to be invited into our old house by the owners John and Doreen Hall. I am very interested in this site as it is my roots and would like to be involved in contributing to the site. My maiden name was Derry (parents Joe and Daisy) and had two brothers Hubert and Ray. Regards, Joy Mills.

Sun 20/07 /2014 Pete
With regard to the, the Heath Hayes senior citizens welcome club I was chairman there for a number of years.
The land was given to the elderly people, of poor means within the parish of St.Johns. by a gentleman, Richard ‘dickie’ Payne. he was the principal of Cannock Mining and Technical college. the year was about 1953.
It is therefor a private club run by a chairman and committee. it is over seen by five elected trustees.
The building itself is from raf, hednesford. Toilets and a kitchen have been added to the right hand side. The club as no postal address or post code.
I hope this is of interest.
Regards, Pete.

Sun 14/07 /2014 Andrew Teece
Some great pictures, especially Sams bonfire (I have the newspaper cutting of that one)
I have a a nice school picture of pupils from the Wimblebury rd Infants school xmas nativity play. It was taken ~ 1964/5 I estimate. I am on it and can name about 15 others from my year and the one above. Think the headmistress was Mrs Scofield I think ? My Dad is mentioned in the Sam Barber bonfire build (Geoff Teece) as most of us at the time went to Sams scout club with Mr Oakly.  Send me your email and I will scan the picture and send it to you. Do you want me to try and name everyone I can on the photo?
I now live in Derbyshire but my Mom and Dad still live on the village.
Andrew (Teece) – Gorsemoor Rd View Andrews School photo

Sun 29/06 /2014 Andy Hanslow
Hello,I would like to say how much i enjoy your site,My grandad was born in Heath Hayes and lived there till he was about 13 and moved to Tamworth.His name was Charles alfred Hanslow,who worked as a post office telegram boy. That is about all I know,would it be possible to find the address where they lived or any info. thanks, i know its a long shot but you never know. cheers Andy Hanslow

Sun 23/06 /2014 Warwick Roberts
My name is Warwick Roberts 64. as was my fathers and grand father who lived at 10 cross street, I have a brother Graham Roberts 75, and a cousin Alan Smith 65, most of us work in the collieries at some. I went to school at Wimblebury infants and then to the junior school on Hednesford road (near the egg packing plant).

Sun 20/04/2014 Susan Dugan
I would like to say how much I’ve enjoyed looking at all the information that you have put together, it’s given me a real insight of life in Heath Hayes. My mother’s family live at 25 Cleeton street. I am related to Alan Morris of the Rover’s crew. My grand parents John and Harriet Morris had a lot of involvement with St John’s church.
My late mother’s name was Emily and her brother was Arthur.

Tue 15/04/2014 Debbie Lloyd ‘maiden name Dean’
I just wanted to say what a wonderful site you have created many memories to share. I am the youngest daughter of Maureen Dean who still lives on the village.
I moved away over 25 years ago but still come back to see mum. I cant wait to show her this. Brilliant and thank you for sharing – regards Debbie Lloyd

Sun 23/3/14  Sheila James Baggaley
Thanks for this excellent website which gave me several happy nostalgic hours and set me off writing me own memoir. I have it in a separate file which I would like to forward to you as an attachment. Please let me know your contact email address so I can do this. I currently live on Vancouver Island n Canada.
Re: photo of Harper Bus Company employees
I was Felix and Mary Harpers next door neighbour for about 15 years and I identify him as #4 on the photo standing in the middle of the back row. The person on the right wearing uniform (#7) looks nothing like Felix who would not have been wearing such uniform. When not in a jacket, Felix habitually wore work overalls.

3/2/14  Carl Webster Hi – I enjoyed seeing the 3 pictures of Gorsemoor Road (as I have a house down there). I believe I have a similar one to number 2 but clearer so I am happy to submit it for inclusion. I am from Pye Green originally and have been a little dismayed at the lack of old pictures of the whole area from the last 40-50 years and am surprised at the lack of a Cannock/Hednesford/Chadsmoor/Heath Hayes forum so well done to you! I went to Blake School and there seem to be hardly any old school pictures. I see the houses behind the Jubilee Pub have been replaced – and cannot find any old pictures. At 50 I am now of the age where I appreciate the value of our social history. View Carl’s photos

2/2/2014 Brian Lawrence Hi Just seen your site and was delighted to see a pic…..
Read Brian’s Memories of Heath Hayes



26/11/2013 Peter Forrest  I lived in Heath Hayes from the age of 10 till 15 that would be 69 to time of my life.  I lived at 15 Brooklyn Rd it had just been built, went to the junior school with Jenny the Donkey then to Kingsmead.  The landscape was dotted with mines and brickworks, kids roamed freely around Newlands lanes and up the park. We would go in a big gang to play football to the park sit at the roundabout watching the cars. We all knew Sam Barber and my son couldn’t believe the photo of the bonfire.  We moved to Burntwood then now in West Hampstead and quite a popular performer In Covent Garden look up you tube for doggyman Covent Garden.ive also done little film work last year in les mis and pirates with deppy,  I could tell you lots of stories but maybe another time. Old friends were Rob Manly, The Barker Twins, The Poole Twins, Steve Westwood, Andy Woods, Steve Tranter you may know them old men now.

12/10/2013 Lance Sharpe I am a Heath Hayes lad, literally born and bred. Born at 262 Cannock Road in 1968.
Really liked the photos of the old place. Went to Wimblebury Infants, Five Ways and Kingsmead schools.

30/09/2013 David Kendall – The cork club photograph bought back memories of my late father Charlie Kendall and many friends including aunty Maggie Uncle Frank landlords Jimmy Flint, Billy Dyke,Reg Hunter, Jack Williams, Wilf Kelsey al l pictured I lived in Hednesford Rd opposite the church with my parents Florrie and Charlie Kendall.  I a went to Littleworth school and I have lived in Blackpool for many years does anyone remember us if so my mum is 95 years and is ok.

18/07/2013 – RPitcher My wife always lived in Heath Hayes seems to recall that during the war there was a fish and chip shop operating from a house in Hill Street. Do any of your readers recall this?

26/06/2013 – Jackie Cutts (Wright) I came across your site and had a blast from the past from Wendy Harper (Jones) Burntwood Bluebirds photographs. Such happy memories, thanks to your dad Wendy for taking so many pictures, he truly was a lovely man.

01/04/2013 – Alan Morris lived at 208 Cannock Road Heath Hayes now 85 in Brisbane.

01/04/2013 – Hello, I came across your web site while searching for information about the location of Heath Hayes. My father & his Family left heath Hayes about 1921- 1923. He and his brothers all worked in the coal mines in Heath Hayes Area. I was wondering if their are any records that might show which mines they worked at. Their Names. William (father) Sons, William, Harry, Harold, Fred, Joe & Howard.  Regards Neil Bott Australia


21/07/2012 – Geoffrey Dennis Barber – love heath hayes history like to meet other people with same interest

19/07/2012 – Ann Adams – Hi Was so interested to look on your site, only came across it yesterday. My dad came from the Wimblebury road, and my nan and grandad (Rich and Agnes) used to keep the Cons club, I am sorry i don’t have much information but will try and see if i can trace anything. I loved the old photos, it is a really interesting site.

04/06/2012 – John K Colin – Super web site…..I am a newbie to the area (24years), and I have seen many changes, not many for the better either, but its great to see what the place look like from years ago…..lovely, keep up the good work.

02/05/2012 – Elaine Higgs – Hi ,just to say how much i enjoyed looking at this web site.I moved to Heath Hayes 4 yrs ago,and really like the area.I particularly enjoyed looking at all the old photo’s.I grew up in Cheslyn hay (yes I’m a bonker).

11/04/2012 – Constance Stokes nee price – Enjoyed your site I to was born in heath hayes so was my father. both in the same house in bank st dad in 1915 myself in 1938 my great grandparents also lived in the same st. My husbands family also came from Heath Hayes his grandfather a driver for Harpers buses.

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